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Welcome to the Chapman-Grant.com/susanchapman website.

This website is hosted by Susan Chapman and contains her husband's family tree. His grandparents are:
James Larkin Chapman and ZoElla Speed Chapman; of French Camp, Mississippi and
Vernon Grant and Alma Mayes Grant
of Ardmore, Oklahoma.

I have been working on the family histories for many years, and am sharing my research that related family members can learn more about their family histories. Additional genealogy information is always appreciated!


Chapman lines: Allen, Evans, Boughton,etc.
Speed lines: Wofford, etc.


Any and all contributions to this website are welcome and will be greatly appreciated. This is the story about our families, our legacy. Thank you to all the relatives that have contributed photographs, documents, and stories.

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Please note that not all data in the family file has been verified and some requires additional research. This website is updated as additional data becomes available.


This website was established in March 2007.
Family tree updated on August 2008.
Home page revised on September 5, 2014.

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Feature Articles

feature 1 CHAPMAN Resources

"The CHAPMAN Family Papers"
Including research notes by (Mary) Elsie Chapman Edmonds for her book - John Chapman of Spotsylvania County, Virginia; Thomas Powe of Cheraw, South Carolina and Related Families, at the Mississippi Archives website.

"The CHAPMAN Families of Newton County, Mississippi"
By Bradley Chapman Pierce and Margaret Olivia Chapman (Lil) Lay, posted at Newton County, Mississippi Genealogy Society website.

feature 2 CHAPMAN Ancestors

Born in unknown place, married to Mary Allen and died 1775 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, USA.

feature 3 SPEED Ancestors

William SPEED
Born 1716 in Southwark, Surrey County, Virginia, USA, married to Elizabeth.

feature 4 PLACES

All Churches and Cemeteries in "Places", contain CHURCH or CEMETERY. Press the little "magnifying glass" next to the name of the place - to see a list of all baptisms, marriages and funerals at the Church; or list of burials at the cemetery.


For individuals in the tree - Either select the "Suggest tab" at the top of most pages, and enter information into appropriate boxes and then submit.OR, press the "book icon" symbol, located next to the event, and enter information and then submit.To add new individual not in the tree - Please use the contact us form, to send the new information to the webmaster.The webmaster will look at each entry and manually update the master file with the information.


"John Chapman of Spotsylvania County, Virginia, Thomas Powe of Cheraw, South Carolina, and related families"
by Elsie Chapman Edmonds
. Elsie is a Chapman relative, and it was through her research that many records and stories were collected about the Chapman family.

"History of Newton County from 1834 to 1894"
by A. J. Brown
.A branch of the Chapman family lived in Newton County, Mississippi. This is an online book that can be viewed at Newton County, Mississippi - Historical and Genealogical Society.

"The Ancestors and Descendants of James Dickerson Mayes to 1968 inclusive"
by Thomas Clure Mayes
. Thomas is a Mayes relative, and it was through his research that many records and stories were collected about the Mayes family. This is a rare book that can be found at these libraries listed on www.WorldCat.org.

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